To operate a corporate dining program, you need to manage a busy dining room or cafeteria complete with point-of-sale terminals, floor stock, and vending.

Horizon is here to help with technology solutions for point-of-service (POS), back office management, and more.

Horizon’s Corporate Café system is more than a POS solution; it is a complete management system that gives you the tools you need to improve efficiency, cut costs, and increase revenue.

You will see significant benefits due to fast transaction processing that improves customer satisfaction, and complete inventory, menu planning, nutrition analysis, and food production management that help you improve your bottom line.

Point of Sale Solutions

The Corporate Café system helps you manage any number and variety of POS locations in your facility.

Informal Dining
Desktop Ordering
Cashless Vending

Management Solutions

The Corporate Café system includes modules that help you operate more efficiently.

General Ledger
Payroll Deduct
Menu Planning & Inventory
Asset Management
Online Account Management
Temperature Management

Feel free to browse through the website to learn more. Also, read our case studies to get an idea of how other companies are benefitting from Horizon’s software and hardware solutions.

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