MyPaymentsPlus is a complete online management system that takes payment processing out of the equation for your district or school!

MyPaymentsPlusThis easy-to-use system allows parents to complete all school-related registrations and payments online. No more forms and multiple checks for parents to fill out or for your staff to process.

With MyPaymentsPlus, you will be able to cut paper usage, reduce workloads, and improve parent satisfaction.

Technology continues to play an integral role in changing the way schools interact with parents and children. Parents continue to search for ways to add convenience and become more engaged, while schools look for ways to increase revenue, reduce waste and lower costs. MyPaymentsPlus provides a win-win solution for everyone involved.

Take your district to the next level! Tune in below to learn how you can become more efficient in your operations and remain at the forefront of technology.

Districts and Schools Benefit
  • Manage registration & payment for all activities
  • Allow each school or department to manage its specific items
  • Decrease time spent processing forms and handling cash and checks
  • Reduce paper and labor costs
  • Improve parent satisfaction
  • Reduce cash handling and loss
  • Consolidate school payments for streamlined reporting
  • Print rosters easily
Parents Appreciate It
  • Make all school-related payments in one location
  • View only the fees, forms, and activities that are applicable to them
  • Complete registrations, permission slips, and other forms anytime
  • Eliminate multiple check/cash to multiple schools
  • View activity information like start and end dates, times, locations, costs

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