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Horizon offers our comprehensive OneSource solution for nutrition programs requiring a wide-range of specialized functionality.

OneSource is a completely integrated solution that gathers and processes the data required for accurate reimbursement claims and reporting and gives you smarter tools to operate your program more efficiently.

OneSource has been approved by the USDA for use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements and for use in conducting nutrient analyses.

Easy to use
Mission-critical POS reliability
Real-time balance updates
POS software built for speed
No duplicate
data entry
Seamless interfacing without customization
Reduce costs
Accurate Reports

OneSource Solutions

Featured OneSource Success Story

Cobb County School District Increases Participation in School Nutrition Programs
Back Office

Cobb County has been able to increase by $11 million since the implementation of Horizon’s solutions. Participation in the breakfast program has doubled, and participation in the lunch program has increased by 33%.

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OneSource Testimonials

OneSource POS

Chesapeake Public Schools

We switched to OneSource from an archaic POS system three years ago and have never regretted it. The reporting is absolutely wonderful, it has so many filters so information comes out of the system exactly how we want to see it. It really helps us with decision-making on running our program and what is actually happening at the schools. Everybody we have ever called for support at Horizon has been wonderful and they have fantastic Users Group Conferences. I would recommend Horizon to anyone looking to switch to a more user-friendly system.

Lana Hardy

Customer Support

Westbrook Christian School

The products we use have every component that we could ever need. The services are exceptional. The seven years that we have been affiliated with Horizon, we have had great tech support. Horizon has always been willing to work with us on any situation we have come across.

Jeannie Williams

OneSource POS

Magnet Cove School District

They make my job easier and the software is easy to learn for my kitchen staff.

Laura Brown
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Business Analytics Allows for Benchmarking of Success
November 10, 2016

OneSource Business Analytics is an online data analysis and visual reporting tool that enables you to benchmark schools’ performance at a glance and make informed business decisions.

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