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Horizon offers our comprehensive OneSource solution for nutrition programs requiring a wide-range of specialized functionality.

OneSource is a completely integrated solution that gathers and processes the data required for accurate reimbursement claims and reporting and gives you smarter tools to operate your program more efficiently.

OneSource has been approved by the USDA for use in certification of compliance with lunch meal requirements and for use in conducting nutrient analyses.

Easy to use
Mission-critical POS reliability
Real-time balance updates
POS software built for speed
No duplicate
data entry
Seamless interfacing without customization
Reduce costs
Accurate Reports

OneSource Solutions

Featured OneSource Success Story

Hamblen County Increases Accuracy and Improve Its School Nutrition Operation
Point of Sale & Claims Reimbursement

Hamblen selected Horizon OneSource™ based on many factors including its proven track record of helping school nutrition programs improve their operations.

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OneSource Testimonials

OneSource POS

Lynn Public Schools

Lynn Public Schools purchased Horizon’s software and equipment back in 2010. The District consists of 17 elementary schools and eight secondary schools that all needed a point of sale (POS) system. Our goal was to get all of our schools up and running within the same school year. The Horizon Support Staff, as well as the technician that came onsite to train staff and management, were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. With their support, we achieved our goal, and the lunch program has been improving ever since. That same support and knowledge has continued to this very day. In 2011, we were able to use their free-and-reduced software for the first time, and it was incredible how much it helped us increase our application count. We now have all of our schools using the Horizon OneSource programs, and our meal counts and accounting has also improved. I feel very comfortable in recommending Horizon Systems to any school district. They have exceeded our expectations, and they have helped us grow our lunch program by leaps and bounds.

Kevin Richardson, Sr.
Director of Dining Services

OneSource POS

Duneland School Corporation

I have seen many different software companies come and go, and I choose to stay with Horizon because of its excellent tech support, customer relations, and efficiency. Horizon is a “top-notch” POS system for the school lunch program, and we plan to continue with them (at least until I retire!).

Kay Nallenweg

OneSource POS

Hardin County Board of Education

You have a good POS system that enables us to keep excellent records for our school district.

Beth Davis
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Business Analytics Allows for Benchmarking of Success
November 10, 2016

OneSource Business Analytics is an online data analysis and visual reporting tool that enables you to benchmark schools’ performance at a glance and make informed business decisions.

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