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With over 2,000,000 registered users, MyPaymentsPlus offers an easy-to-use, fully integrated system that allows parents to complete all school-related payments online. Parents have the convenience of knowing what is available, while districts have an easy way to manage and reconcile all school-related payments.

Why should you choose MyPaymentsPlus for your online payments system?
After reading a few of these benefits, you’ll be asking, “Why not?”

Convenient 24/7 access anywhere, anytime, online or mobile.

It’s loved by parents, offering a simple and easy-to-use solution.

Eliminate the need for multiple check writing and ensure funds are used as intended.

Mitigate risks associated with cash handling.

Go green and reduce paper waste.

It’s safe, PCI-compliant and SOC-1 audited.

It’s integrated, seamlessly interfaces to Horizon’s POS and many SIS, fee management, and accounting systems.

Decrease staff workload with program participation by eliminating manual processes and reduced collection efforts.

Be recognized as an innovative thought leader for introducing an online payment program to your schools!

Horizon’s feature-rich solution.

Horizon automates and modernizes school nutrition programs to provide cost savings, reduce workload, and increase staff, student, and parent, and satisfaction.

Pay for Everything in One Place, with Just a Few Easy Clicks


Allow parents to make meal payments using a card or e-check with real-time updates to the POS. View purchase history, receive low balance alerts, or setup recurring payments from anywhere, at any time.


Allow parents or guests to pay for all school-related items such as yearbooks, field trips, donations, and parking permits. Customize items with images, digital forms, partial payments, discount codes, and more.


Invoice specific students for items owed such as damaged textbooks or overdue library books. Send automated e-mails to parents when fees are posted or approaching their deadline.


Allow parents not only to make a payment, but also select the date and time they wish to take the exam. Apply special pricing rules such as one-time registration fees and eligibility-based pricing to exams.

Digital Docs

Rather than printing and distributing back-to-school information, place documents such as student handbooks, technology terms of use, and media release forms online for digital acknowledgment. Access reports to view which items have been read and agreed to by parents.

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