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Today’s senior living and retirement communities should offer residents flexibility and control of their lifestyle options. Horizon’s Millennium Plus is a state-of-the-art resident hospitality technology solution that enables you to expand your services so you can gain a competitive edge. 

Manage any type of meal plan
Simplify management of resident charges
Provide account transparency
Work with any accounting system
Utilize flexible reporting options
Track resident preferences and allergies


Imagine you are staying at a resort that offers numerous amenities... fine dining and quick-serve restaurants, hair salons, spas, shops, etc. 
You are able to use resort credit at some venues but not all, the poolside snack bar accepts only cash, you have to wait in long lines to check out in the stores, your waiter at the fine dining restaurant keeps mixing up your orders, and at the end of your trip you are trying to sort all your receipts to figure out what you spent where.
You would probably stay at a different resort on your next trip, right?
With that experience in mind, now imagine you are 70 years old and are planning to choose a resort to stay for an extended period of time. 

Today’s seniors have choices when it comes to retirement communities…they want flexible lifestyle options, and they want financial transparency.

Horizon Software helps give communities a competitive edge by offering an integrated community-wide Point of Sale system designed for various community venues, dining management software and online resident account management.

We provide automated flexibility and transparency so your employees can focus on what really matters... serving your residents.

Senior Living Solutions

Impress your residents with a fine dining experience that includes personalized service.

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Increase participation and patron satisfaction with this easy-to-use system designed for speed

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Manage all of your point-of-sale locations for a community-wide POS solution

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Provide access to resident's account information any time, from any computer with Internet access.

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Provides highly visible, real-time information that helps streamline your kitchen’s workflow.

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Senior Living Success Stories

Arbor Acres Achieves Significant Operational Improvements with Millennium Plus
Millennium Plus

Arbor Acres has achieved significant operational improvements in several areas as a result of implementing the Millennium Plus system.

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Senior Living Testimonials

Informal Dining, Grab-and Go Service

St. George Village

This system is very simple to use and you can train your employees very quickly. Menus can be updated with great speed and ease; in the long-term health care industry where menus change daily this is a huge benefit. This can be done in a way that does not require you to change the layout of the menu board so staff can easily locate the items based on item description and contents.

Daniel Shaffer
Director of Culinary Services

Restaurant-Style Table Service

Valle Verde of American Baptist Homes of the West

The residents love the flexibility that our dining experience now offers. In one day, we went from being an institution to being a place of hospitality! Personalized, flexible, variety, choice… these are the words that I hear used to describe our new dining experience. In my opinion, Horizon has allowed us to improve our dining experience to the point of competitive advantage.

Ron Schaefer
Executive Director

Retail Venues POS

Northern California Presbyterian Homes & Services

Because Horizon is more customizable on a user-level, the business office is always coming up with new suggestions to expand our use of the POS system.

Rosemary Ono
Systems Analyst
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