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School Nutrition Testimonials

Manatee County School District
Regina Thoma

We have been a Horizon customer for eight years. Horizon really cares about its customers, and it shows. Horizon offers comprehensive products, excellent support and customer service. We have MyPaymentsPlus and our parents absolutely LOVE it.

OneSource POS
Pulaski County Special School District
Clint Walker

The customer service is awesome.

OneSource POS
Milwaukee Public Schools
Chris Rieck-Risser

Your products–especially OneSource–are very strong & have many useful features. And the people in your Tech Support area are great

OneSource POS
Independent School District #197
Jeff Wolfer

The software performs reliably and support is top notch.

Centerville City Schools
Ginny Brechak

In Centerville we have a high percentage of parents using the (MyPaymentsPlus) system. They like the fact they can track their payments and can view their student's purchase history and check their balance. They comment on how easy the system is to navigate and they very much appreciate the convenience of depositing on line.

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K-12 Online Payments Testimonials

MyPaymentsPlus Online Payments
Brookwood High School: Gwinnett
Rae Schirrmacher
GCPS Bookkeeper

MyPaymentsPlus is a great help in collecting money for school activities without the teachers having to deal with cash and checks in their classroom.

MyPaymentsPlus Online Payments
Mountain View High School: Gwinnett County
Wendi Jarrett
GCPS Bookkeeper

MyPaymentsPlus has revolutionized bookkeeping in Gwinnett County! It has freed up so much time...not only for our bookkeepers but also for our teachers who can now focus more on teaching and learning.

MyPaymentsPlus Online Payments
Jonathan Alder School District
Mindy Ary

Adding the school fees and activities to meal pay plus has given parents more flexibility on how they can pay and put the control in their hands. No more worrying if their child will remember to turn in the check or waiting for the check to clear the bank.

MyPaymentsPlus Online Payments
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Denise Moon
Financial Officer

One of the biggest impacts we’ve seen with MyPaymentsPlus is saved time. Our bookkeepers don’t have to spend time counting and recounting money. Also, when we can cut down on the volume of cash in schools, we can reduce opportunities for theft, misplaced payments, or other security concerns that could lead to lost revenue.

MyPaymentsPlus Online Payments
Scott Public Schools
Eleanor Hall

MyPaymentsPlus is a big hit with the parents.

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Senior Living Testimonials

Informal Dining, Grab-and Go Service
St. George Village
Daniel Shaffer
Director of Culinary Services

This system is very simple to use and you can train your employees very quickly. Menus can be updated with great speed and ease; in the long-term health care industry where menus change daily this is a huge benefit. This can be done in a way that does not require you to change the layout of the menu board so staff can easily locate the items based on item description and contents.

Millennium Plus POS
Wood River Village
Rich Needham

Great product and easy to use.

Millennium Plus POS
Woodland Pond at New Paltz
Jeff Hoffman

The product works very well in my senior living environment, and your support techs are very knowledgeable and responsive.

Millennium Plus POS
Cumberland Crossing
Robby Miller

Horizon’s system is easy to use, flexible, and great customer service.

Millennium Plus
Clermont Park
Angel Guettlein

The system is very user friendly, it takes care of all of our business needs. Horizon software seems to be designed for senior living communities. The support staff are knowledgeable, helpful and always available when I’ve called. I do recommend the product quite often as we have tour groups through our community on a regular basis.

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Healthcare / Corporate Testimonials

Rx Systems POS
Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Patrick Simmons
Food Service Director

[Our Horizon technician] did a very nice job easing concerns with the quick turn-around time on installing four registers. Things could not have gone smoother and I appreciate everyone’s hard work to get the job done.

Rx Systems POS
Hospital of Saint Raphael
Anthony DeMartino
Retail Manager

There has been a great improvement in accuracy with the cashiers. Soon after the installation I saw our daily numbers improving considerably.

Rx Systems POS
Carolina East Medical Center
Hardy Jones
Director of Dining Services

The flexible payment options within RX have increased sales and revenue by at least 20%. And, less cash handling equals faster line speeds. We are very happy with the response time, friendliness, and knowledge of Horizon’s tech support staff. Soon after the installation I saw our daily sales numbers increasing considerably. On any given day, I use the reports to track daily average checks for any meal, look into what items are selling, check on the activities of the cashiers, and lots more.

Rx Systems POS
Yale Newhaven Hospital
Suzanne Fredericks

The system is easy to use, gives great reports, and has many options for payment (internal debit cards, payroll deduction).

Rx Systems POS
East Georgia Regional Medical Center
Donnel Baskett

It’s a great POS system. I like the display screen and speed of the POS.

Rx Systems POS
Southern Regional Medical Center
Carolyn Quinn

At a glance, my director can know what we made and how to project to increase sales.

Rx Systems POS
Riverview Regional Medical Center
Julie Farrow

I am most impressed with the technicians who I have to call on. They are always very helpful, friendly and seem eager to help with anything going on. This is a great program with lots of reporting opportunity to use in any business.

Rx Systems POS
Bay Medical Center
Allen Cotten

The software is easy to learn and use. The program is done logically which makes it easy to teach and learn. The telephone support staff is well trained and highly knowledgeable about the program and fixes any problems quickly.